Sunday, April 28, 2013

I lost my soul in Seoul

The first few words that came across my mind when I think of South Korea are Psy, Gangnam Style or Winter Sonata, the most romantic drama series which I've ever seen besides Sanay Wala Nang Wakas. Seoul which is very rich of its culture, history, architecture, food and not to forget K-Pop have been sort of my inspiration to come here.

I told my parents that I'm going to Seoul two weeks before my flight, they were rather surprised. The thought of snowboarding and to unwind was something that I was looking forward though I'm in the midst of peak period of audit. Fast forward, on the 20th February 2013, Thaqif Roslim, Mimie Karim, Naqyah Roslim and I touched down at Incheon International Airport.

Boeing 747 in Incheon International Airport
I'm not writing that much but here are some of the pictures (sorry again not in chronological orders) that I have taken during my trip.

Itaeown at night. Street fills up with halal delicacies

Sunset at Itaeown

If in England, football can be called as a religion, in South Korea, it's Psy

Temporarily frozen

A frozen swimming pool and two dinosaurs


The magnificent view at Jisan Forest Ski Resort. They are like dancers.

The siblings

At Bukchon Hanok Village. Members of the  royal family and noblemen lived here during the Joseon Period.

The hill view over Daedong Taxation School

Children in the eyes of the world

It caught our glimpse in Daedong Taxation School

Born appetite?

Not only they are good in plastic surgery but also creative artworks

My inspiration to build a house like this in Shah Alam



Hipster at Insa-dong Steet

This is a street of Korean traditional culture with antique art and book shops, traditional houses and craft shops. Insa-dong Street.


Brrrr colddddd

An old couple walking along Insa-dong

Too cute to be true

Clashes of culture



Mother and daughter at roof top

haha shits!

Our scenic view of Nami Island

Yay, we got our tickets!

Mouth hidden, heart driven


Can you spot Malaysian flag?

On our way to Nami Island

In the ferry

Lunch break

Happy kids, happy life


If only Malaysia is like this, don't you think we would be happier?

Hidden Mickey


Our first day in Seoul. We stayed in Phil House, Guuidong, Gwangjjin-gu.


Jump higher!

Zikri Kamardin asked me to update my blog. So here you go boy. haha


A walk to remember

Nami Island

Phil House

So excited! Last time I played snow when I was in Scotland in Dec 2009

Aunty Anne?

Good morning!



Hard Rock Cafe Seoul in memory :(

The four of us along the street of Bukchon Hanok Village


Cheonggyecheon (Stream). Malaysian government should make Klang River looks like this.

Frosty snow white

Scissors and rock?

Winter Sonata

When they were young



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