Sunday, March 4, 2007

Rashaad the Story Teller

I'm not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.

Ahmad Rashaad Muhammad Abdullah. Well, to know me better is to ask me. I should say that people will always remember me because of my name, Rashaad. With double A of course, not like the usual typical names like Rashad, Rasyad or Rashid. It's unique I guess after the name of a CNN reporter. That's what my mummy told me a few days ago. Did I mention a few days ago? haha.

I just realised that I need this blogspot, to write something that I like occasionally regarding my life. Oh, by the way I don't even have diaries. Hello, do guys need one? You know girls like to write about their daily routines, their crush on guys and just treasure it! Nobody's going to read it. Come on! So there's always blogspot!

Okey, today is 4th of March and tomorrow's Monday. I can't wait for Thursday to come. You know, the debut of Mukhsin by Yasmin Ahmad. I've watched Sepet and Gubra. The movies were spectacular and brilliant with fantastic story lines and Yasmin Ahmad is really genius. She really knows how to attract the audience from different races, religions and backgrounds. The best part of it, Mukhsin has been selected to compete at the 57th Berlin International Film Festival! Hooray! *Applause* And it hasn't come out in the cinemas yet.

To be continued ...