Thursday, July 31, 2008

Chelsea v Msia

Okey our country's performance is not bad after all! 2-0. Gotta work harder mates. Pictures will be uploaded later.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Colour & Crayon

Here I am again with another excuse. Sorry for the boring posts lately. I couldn't help myself either. But thanks again for dropping by readers. Wicked, I have fanatic fans! Okey I was pleasantly surprised by mum's intention to watch Sex & the City for a midnight movie today on Friday. Normally when I invited her for a movie she will declined it helplessly. Well, you know women with their careers. They never get tired of it not like us men.

I can't recall when was the last time I watch movie with her and my family. It must have been ages ago. The worst part of it, I wasn't invited for the Sex & the City movie which my siblings claimed supposed to be a Girls' Night Out until I found out. I planned to join them with a greater prospect of watching the movie literally not disturbing them so called their Girls' Night Out but the best part of it, it was cancelled minutes ago and here I am writing, exercising my fingers in front of the computer while listening to my own blog song - Viva La Vida. Btw, where's the heck is Jerusalem?

I still remember few years ago when the Sex & the City first season was aired in HBO. Was it in 2002? Frankly speaking I lost track of time until Desperate Housewives came out. Both were a big hit and I daresay there's something spicy about the Sex & the City TV series that made a debut movie recently that keeps the fans awakening not only the ladies but the guys. Mind you.
Back then, my mother will always give me some excuses not to watch the Sex & the City and asked me to go upstairs instead so that she could watch it with my dad. The reason was I was underage and it was not appropriate for me either. Because of the scenes? Wonder to me ... Come on boys will always be boys.

I know nothing about the hit TV series, for all I know it was about Sarah Jessica Parker and her ladies and sex until last week when I asked mum about the movie being released here in Malaysia - is it possible? Then I know, the make up of the movie is not all about the first mentioned, instead it is about fashion, style and lines. I assumed that's the ingredients to make the TV series such a mind blowing among the ladies and fashionistas. And that was the moment I know that SJP wore Jimmy Choo's shoes and handbags - our own favourite footwear designer.

I hope it gives me some story about what this movie is all about. Tomorrow maybe. Definitely tomorrow. I haven't read the review yet and I don't want it to spoil my mood either. So I just hope that my luck will be on my side this time and mind you the popcorn is waiting for me.


Sometimes I fall for the wrong girl


Known as:

toronto, ontario, canada

Hair color:
jet black

striking black


Fallen off the bed?:

Broken someone else's heart?:
i dont think so

Had your heart broken?:
i think so

Had a dream come true?:


torn t-shirt, pants, the rest is history :P

Listening to?
coldplay's viva la vida

dad's office, home

Chatting with:
no one

What i Should Be doing:
acca is 4 months' time. u think? :P


Have any piercings:

yes ... okey now i confess that driving is my least fav thing to do

Have a cell phone:




Talked with on the phone:



What do you want to be when you grow up?
a father with beautiful kids, millionaire

What comes first in your life?

What do you usually think about before you go to bed?
bawang putih oh plz. hehe


TV Show:
friends =)


kuey teow lakna



Like to give hugs:

Like to walk in the rain:
i can make it through the rain

Prefer black or blue:

Sleep on your side:

Have stuffed animals:
sikit la kot


Pierced NOSE or TONGUE:


7th Heaven or Dawsons Creek:
tak suke

Chocolate or flowers:
chocolate for guys and flowers for ladies kan?

Color or black-and-white photos:

Stay up late or sleep in:
stay up late

Sun or moon:

Left or Right:

10 Acquaintances or one best friend:
the more the merrier

Spring or Fall:


First Screen Name:

First self purchased CD:
linkin park ... that explained why my email is linkin_boyz16

First pet:

First piercing/tattoo:
i'm clean


Last GOOD cry:
cant recall

Last phone call:
few hours ago

Last time showered:
morning ;)


Current mood:

Current food:
french fries plz nak mcd curly fries

Current hair:
waivy ... i loike!

Current annoyance(s):
my throat


1. Made you smile:

2. Saw you cry?
humphhh, the best part of it i cant recall


1. Be serious or be funny?
funny la

2. Drink whole or skim milk?
whole milk

3. Spend time with your parents or enemies


1. Do you prefer gray or black?

3. Sunrise or sunset?
sunset that's romantic :P

4. M&M's or skittles?


1. Do you like anyone?

2. Do you believe in love at first sight?

3. Do you fall for the wrong guy or girl?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Viva La Vida

I used to rule the world
Seas would rise when I gave the word
Now in the morning I sleep alone
Sweep the streets I used to own

I used to roll the dice
Feel the fear in my enemies eyes
Listen as the crowd would sing:
"Now the old king is dead! Long live the king!"

One minute I held the key
Next the walls were closed on me
And I discovered that my castles stand
Upon pillars of salt, and pillars of sand

I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing
Roman Cavalry choirs are singing
Be my mirror my sword and shield
My missionaries in a foreign field
For some reason I can not explain
Once you know there was never, never an honest word
That was when I ruled the world

It was the wicked and wild wind
Blew down the doors to let me in.
Shattered windows and the sound of drums
People could not believe what I'd become
Revolutionaries Wait
For my head on a silver plate
Just a puppet on a lonely string
Oh who would ever want to be king?

I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing
Roman Cavalry choirs are singing
Be my mirror my sword and shield
My missionaries in a foreign field
For some reason I can not explain
I know Saint Peter won't call my name
Never an honest word
And that was when I ruled the world

Hear Jerusalem bells are ringings
Roman Cavalry choirs are singing
Be my mirror my sword and shield
My missionaries in a foreign field
For some reason I can not explain
I know Saint Peter will call my name
Never an honest word
But that was when I ruled the world

Saturday, July 19, 2008

the Dark Knight

Surprisingly, the weather seemed fine yesterday. All day long.

That evening I went jogging alone in my neighbourhood near the lake, see how lonely I am. My appearance was welcomed with the presence of dead animals. It was like one of those scenes in M. Night Shyamalam's the Happening. People died for no reasons. I was jogging and arrived at a T-junction. From far I could see a glimpse of an animal lying motionless on the road. I went nearer and to my horror it was crocodile literally. It occured to me why on earth there would be a crocodile in the middle of the forest. So I walked and walked, every step I took with caution fear of being attacked. Heck it was a lizard! But it looks like a crocodile to me. Phew, the disturbance feeling was relieved.

I continued to walk again, slow motion and then jogging along the road. About 10 minutes later I bumped into a dead animal. It was smaller this time. It wasn't a superman nor an airplane, it was a poor little bird. Okey I thought it was an awkward moment to see this little birdie on the road. At least there must be some valid reasons that the 'little crocodile' had involved in the hit & run accident but not this poor little birdie. Impossible it was being hit by a running car. The sky was his place not the road. Impossible either to have a bird shooter here with a shotgun aiming at the birds sky high hoping they might be blasted into pieces.

Two death in a row, I consider it as a bad luck. If thrice, I'm cursed.

So, that night ...

The Dark Knight is simply the best movie ever made in the Batman history. The sequel promises to live up the standard and expectation, it is far greater than its predecessors. It's a brilliant movie with fantastic story line that keeps people wondering what will happen next. Heath Ledger as the Joker proved to the audiences that his performance is far extraordinary compared to Jack Nicholson's role as the Joker in 1989's Batman. I was glued to the screen through out the movie and I will definitely watch it for the second time next week! Thanks Rifqi, Ogy and Dunk!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chocolate Chips & Tasty Nuts

I was told by my mother about our next vacation to visit my sister in Alexandria and accompany her to Brussels after our visit there. Most probably in the 3rd week of December right after the freaking ACCA exams. The original plan to send her on the 6th October, in the first week of raya and 2 weeks before mock exam were rescinded. I guess I just have to say goodbye to her at the airport and I don't know whether I'm able to do it. It feels like tears dancing in my eyes and every moment of it feels so hard. hahaha.

And did I tell you that lately I'm into politics? I mean I really looking forward for the politics agenda in Malaysia and you know how's the politics here but being able to read every interesting story from bloggers and their opinions about politics make me alive in some sort of way. At least there's something new to talk about with my classmate Imran. haha. I was very tense last night when I watched the widely anticipated debate between Anwar Ibrahim and Shabery. Hey at least he has the balls to debate with Anwar, not everyone has the guts to face him unless you are well prepared. Anwar didn't go smooth at first but later he managed it and Shabery at first he was smooth later there's uh - ah at near the end of the debate. Anwar was more to fact but I hate the fact that Shabery used personal attack on him as his defence. wth. And he didn't really answer the first question till the time was out. But by wandering into the realm of the personal, I think Shabery lost major points.

Hurm, I have a lot to say but I think it's too black and white to state here where in real life the situation is colourful and vivid. Anway, my cat Naami (after my younger sister's name Imaan) last weekend was brought to the clinic near our home. Not far away, 5 minutes walk can reach there. Normally we placed the cat in his cage and it will be dreadful to force him inside it and most of the time he refused even if fish is placed inside it, he will left it behind, dare not to go inside. But we forced him anyway and finally he entered. So yeah, brought him there. There were stitches in his left here like the above picture and his ear was bandaged and he had to wear a protector around his neck for 2 weeks to prevent him from scratching his ear. I don't know what it's called but it looks like Astro antenna to me. It's because there were pus clot now he's okay. Sometimes I will use the cotton buds to scratch him. ahhh, poor Naami. Well, normally he likes to fight with other cats because he got balls not like other cats which are very pussy. He's my man! haha. lol.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Satu lagi projek kerajaan BN!

Today another history has been made. Malaysia Boleh! The unnecessary massive traffic jams. Today I left home exactly 7.30am and arrived at college exactly 9.ooam. Cool eh? Normally it takes me 30 minutes the most to reach Sunway but today shit happened for a reason. Satu lagi projek kerajaan BN! Applause!

There's nothing to be afraid of. Why should there be road blocks everywhere? If the government is transparent and fair, they need not be afraid of the protest. Even if there's a protest near Parliment, it's total bullshit to have road-blocks 5 km radius away from Parliment. Why?
You are afraid that the Parliment might be blown up by the prostesters equipped with C4 just the way Altantuya was blown up? haha

And the oil price is very high nowadays. It's even sky rocketing in August by that time it will probably reach RM 4.00. Today you government wasted our time and money on petrol. Do you know how many millions of ringgit we had lost today by your unworthy road blocks? People came late to work, students came late to colleges. Almost everywhere you could see sea of cars in the highway. The unnecessary traffic jams.

Every day a new drama is unfold and we are sick of political gimmicks made by the government. The police cannot be trusted and so does the judiciary system of Malaysia. People are crying in pain in their hearts and the thought of it make people sick. Sick!

And the PM won't step down until June 2010. How long will that be? Another 2 years for the transition of power? The waiting makes the people suffer and there are a lot to be done to recover the trust of rakyat to the government. By that time it's questionable whether the new PM can fulfill this. People will doubt over BN's credibility to regain the trust of rakyat by the 13th General Election in 2013.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Port Dickson for 4

The day before went to OU to watch the Journey to the Centre of the Earth. I suggest you guys watch the 3-D version and don't go for the normal screening. That movie was meant for 3-D anyway! So if you watch the not 3-D version you will be dissapointed I assure you. Anyway the movie was great, brilliant digital effect.
After than we straight away went to Rasta and the plan that we made at Rasta to go to Port Dickson ... the next day it became reality! Okey at least this is the most spontaneous plan we've ever made.
A picture says a thousand words. So there are about 20 pictures. Go multiply yourselves ... how many words they present and figure out! haha. okey la malas gile nak tulis. exhausted, tired, sleepy, and I'm bombarded with a lot of readings. fuck u acca. haha. okey chow. I'll update later.


Fantastic Four

up, up & away!

who's feet?



the view from megat's tree

megat's house at the beach.

comel la tu aidil? haha

75% of the pictures are taken by using my Sony Ericsson K810i. 25% from Megat's N95. That will explain the quality of the images produced. Unedited. I'll update later.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


It just came to my senses that the talented James McAvoy in Wanted acted as Mr Tumnus in the first installment of the Chronicles of Narnia! I didn't realise it until I left the cinema. I thought Holy smoke, this guy looks very familiar! He's Mr Tumnus!

Hailed in 2006 by director Kevin Macdonald as the world’s “best British actor under 30 without question,” Glasgow native James McAvoy’s talent for playing flawed yet sympathetic characters made him an actor to watch for the new millennium.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Friends asked me how is my holiday? I would be a terrible liar if I'd said it was a dull and monotonus one but the truth is I thoroughly enjoyed it to the max! Almost everyday I've occupied myself meeting friends from the first day of semester break till now. No I haven't done yet. Don't let me down and it won't hurt me either. I managed to finish reading Now & Forever and The Master of the Game but I think I prefer the second one. Bit & pieces of mystery, murder, sex, lies and obsession. There you go. Interesting isn't it?

Well what about movies? I managed to break the records by watching 7 movies in a month! Gees, don't you think I deserve an award? :P From Indiana Jones, the Hulk, Prom Night, Kung Fu Panda, Get Smart (twice) to Superheroes Movie. Wanted and Handcock I guess would be awesome! So far Superheroes Movie is my favourite although the movie is stipulated to be the worst of all compared to Scary Movies, Epic Movie etc. But it's not bad after all with Drake Bell a leading actor in the movie.

Last week I went to this club with my college friends at Cavells, Hartamas at midnight. Zharif drove me there. I parked my car near my college since I didn't know the way at all. Heck haven't been there for ages. Okey this is like my first time. Damn like malu giler. Just had a coke. The place is fully occupied and there was a performance. Not bad. But I didn't participate in the dance. The last song is very soothing. I couldn't remember what was the lyrics but I think I went to the wrong place. All were adults! Very few teenagers! So what could you expect! And the week before me, aiman, raja went to Laundry Bar nevertheless it was much better than Cavells.

Strange things happened to me lately. I don't know why. I guess maybe because of the hormones. One day while I was watching WWE in TV3, suddenly this particular girl from my college came into my mind. My heart was beating very fast and it was like blood rushing through my head. The last time I had this feeling was last year and I think I'm fond of a girl from my friend's college but later I found out she's in a relationship. Sigh.

Anyway, this college girl has something special inside her that I like. She's clean I assumed as in she doesn't go to clubs because I saw her pictures in one of the social networking sites. She's sweet in her manner and appearance. She has lesung pipit when she smiles that gives a bonus. :P I still can remember it was early of this year when she walked pass through me but I was silent in my words. I assumed she didn't notice me and later she sent me a testimonial in one of the social networking sites approving my appearance. Well I thought she didn't notice me but she did! How lucky I was. So I replied to her and we sent messsages but nothing went that far. Just normal conversation like hey hey you you. I even asked my friend, Yusri for an oppinion about her and showed him her picture and he agreed with me.

I think I saw her with her geng just now in the cafe but I didn't go near because I fear of being noticed. Aish. I was on my way to the bookstore and entered. When I went out she's gone! I thought of the thought that came into me and I smiled to myself.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Great, I've been tagged!

sisters' shades, odd colours, do hate us

8 things I am passionate about:


fast cars

italian food

fashion & style


disney world

girls with sense of humour

guitar hero

8 books I’ve read recently:

Master of the Game

Now & Forever

F4 - in 6 months' time

F5 - in 6 months' time

F6 - in 6 months' time

The Lord of the Rings - over my dead body!

P.S. I Love You

The Chicken Soup

8 songs I could listen to over and over again:
Michael Buble - Sway

Aerosmith - Jaded

Aerosmith - I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing

Sting - Desert Rose

Daniel Powter - Bad Day

Hellogoodbye - Baby, It's Fact

KT Tunstall - Suddenly I see

Backstreet Boys - As Long As You Love Me

8 things I learned last year:
Fame isn't everything

Fish are friends not food

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift, that is why it is called present

Poticians cannot be trusted ... some of them

The world is going crazy when the best golfer is a black guy and the best rapper is a white guy

Shit happens for a reason, friends live forever

Do you prefer balls outside stick inside or balls inside stick outside?

Trust no one except yourself

8 people to tag:

Raja Izzati

Syukri Shairi

Nadrah Hafizah


Indera Hafiz