Sunday, December 16, 2012

Jakarta bergoyang-goyang, Bandung bergoyang-goyang

A quote by Ali Sadikin on his views for the betterment of Jakarta.

Jakarta, who has the worst traffic congestion in SEA is undeniably in need of a monorail but the presence of taxis simplifies our journey.


The best nasi padang in town and avocado juice besides Istiqlal mosque.


For those who are planning to buy kain for their weddings, Jakarta and Bandung are the best places - affordable and plenty of choices!

Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta

The reflection

"Hey you!"

Kota Jakarta - Gambir Station

Smile, smile and the world will smile at you.

Ku ingin berjalan bebas.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lucky me :)

"Hello Ms Fazura, may I have a picture with you?"
"Yeah, sure why not. But sorry, I don't look good today without make up."
"No, you're not!"
"Have a nice weekend!"
"Have a nice weekend to you too."

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Vietnam: War is Over

The busy street of Ho Chi Minh City

Billboard of Malaysia, truly Asia in the heart of the city

The dark knight rises: Vespa

Hard Rock Cafe, Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnamese are very artistic. A postcard.

Ben Thanh Market, a very good bargain

Smile, smile and smile and the world will smile at you

Health conscious


The mighty Mekong river

Do I look like a local? :)

With my sister

Say 'cheese'!

My favourite the most

The lady with a strength of a man

Vietnamese child

Queuing while waiting for the ferry

The tallest tower in Ho Chi Minh City

Reunification Palace at night

The walk of life

The amazing Cu Chi tunnel

The fallen leaves

I'm not a soul but I'm a soldier

Friday, August 10, 2012

Happiest moment in my life

Alhamdulillah, I could not describe how I feel when I passed my ACCA exam. Finally, an ACCA affiliate! I was beyond words and trembling at the same time when I gave my mum a phone call to tell her that I have finally made it. Five years of waiting and after all the hard work, it has finally paid off. Now, I can focus on my career and my life. It has been a pain yet a wonderful journey. 

Thank you very much for the phone calls, messages, tweets and greetings that I received. But the one I cherished the most is this one from my cousin, Faiz.

"Congrats on your pass Rashaad, I know you can do it! And Alhamdulillah you have completed ACCA! Now it's your turn to create good future ahead, your dream car that you have been dreaming about since young, will no longer be a dream in a near future insyaAllah. Work hard and remember Allah always."

At night, I had iftar and Yazrina's farewell with PwC's mates

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hitam Putih

Hard Cork Cafe at Placa de Catalunya
Pictures in black and white always fascinate me. It's very monotonous and yet exquisite. These are some of my favourite pictures in Barcelona back then in June 2010. From Placa de Catalunya which marks  the beginning of the the famous Rambla, Sagrada Familia which is an unmistakable symbol of Barcelona through Gaudi's project, Park Guell, a unique public park and Tibidabo, the highest point on Collserola massif, boast the magnificent views of the city. Not to forget, Camp Nou, the largest football stadium in Europe and home to FC Barcelona.

Lost in translation at Place de Catalunya

Between past and present, history and mystery

near La Rambla

Sagrada Familia

Breathtaking view from Park Guell


Sunday, July 8, 2012


Light conversation after Friday prayer

Who says Nokia is only for phone?

The freedom of speech

The Iron Man