Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I have decided to pursue my MBA in ...

So I have decided to pursue my MBA in USA ... Well, that will not happen until 2015. Better still, University of St Andrews  in Scotland. Either way, I still have to complete my three years experience to be a chartered accountant and hold at least an assistant manager post by profession. All the best, Shad!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Of Anwar Ibrahim

"Bro, I saw your picture with Anwar Ibrahim. It's everywhere on Facebook." Little did I know, the picture that was taken when I first met him personally in London during his talks would surfaced on the net again after he was found not guilty by the High Court. Eleven days later, the prosecution filed an appeal against the acquittal. 

So I checked in Facebook to reconfirm this. "119 likes and over 300 comments in the picture." I was shocked. I was thinking would it affect my career later in future especially if I am working in a high position in the Government or GLC per say?

It was at London School of Economics and Political Science on March 18th 2010 that I first met him followed by his second talk in Westminister University on March 19th. The former, being the topic regarding Religion and Pluralism captivated many people from every walk of life. It was a full house. Nobody would want to miss this chance to listen to his speech, unless someone is against him.

My capacity was a student at that time. I was not a scholar from the Government. Hence, indirectly I was eligible to go for his talks. In comparison to other students who were bonded by the Government, they were not allowed. Doing so, would affect their scholarships and subsequently their studies. I was fortunate enough.

With Anwar Ibrahim. Also in the picture is Azmin Ali and Dzuhair .

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Phuket: Pearl of the Orient

We set on our foot in this island on December 26th, 2011, exactly seven years after the disastrous earthquake that killed over 230,000 people in fourteen countries. It was one of the deadliest natural disasters ever recorded  in the history. In the Thailand itself, 5397 death was confirmed.

It was a journey to Phuket with my friend, Ameer Azhar, an unexpected one. It didn't take a formal detailed plan to materialise but one thing for sure we wanted a backpacking style, to taste something different that we can't get back at home, to mingle around with the locals and the expatriates from different backgrounds.

This journey is an eye opener for me since this is my first time I tried backpacking which is really an authentic backpacking style as compared to when I was in Europe. It transcripts my few journeys afterwards and a stepping stone to discover the unique taste of Asia in a whole different perspective point of view. We didn't take an aeroplane to go to Phuket, instead we took a traditional way for a backpacker, by riding a bus from Puduraya, KL to Hatyai Songkhla which lasted for nine hours and another six hours of journey from Hatyai to Phuket bus terminal.

The mysterious lady.

Along the way I made new friends from as far as South Africa, Canada and Netherlands to name a few and we even exchanged contacts. All came here for one reason, to unwind and to discover Asia.

Ameer being a tarzan was swinging from left to right before making a splurge inside the water.
On our way to James Bond island. Rafting is absolutely amazing.

These jeeps are definitely an eye opener. Picture was taken at Patong beach, dubbed as the most popular beach in Phuket for it's night life.

Where business matters.

A different perspective. My wooden stick to support my injured leg  lying down on the floor in a  tuk -tuk.

In the street of Phuket city where the night is crawling in.

The breaking dawn.

Car plate numbers.

A luxurious car in the street.

A cause of living.

My next destinationIt was once known as Prey Nokor and formerly the capital of the French Colony of Cochinchina.