Wednesday, November 12, 2008

missing you

daym missing u so much. wish i could be there. please upload more pictures, update your blog, download msn & skype, and start playing facebook! wanna ask daddy whether can do acca there or not. :P well haven't celebrated azraa's birthday yet. thought of buying a present for her. she asked for mng but daym i'm broke. well take care always.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I just realised mostly what I have written here doesn't concern serious issues like Syukri Shairi, Raja Iskandar, Adlan Wafi and Qaisy Jaslenda's. I'm more a laid back person, something that I like to write mostly crap and rubbish stuff.

If you happen to notice, mosts posts I will eventually delete it within 24 hours if it is concerned crappy stuff even it is the best interest in my heart that I like people to read it but I just rather keep it to myself. There's a lot of draft in here, published and re unpublished. You might wondering what the purpose of having a blog when eventually you deleted the posts eh? Well I dunno.

Suddenly I feel like to move to America after watching Disturbia in HBO last night. Frankly speaking, America is the least favourite country I'd like to go even I have been there before when I was younger. Sorry no offence for those who are studying there. I thought England is contrary to America but I was wrong. All western countries are the same! I am relieved when Obama was elected as the new President of America, the first being a Black. It's a revolution that the Americans are yearning for and they do need a change and finally they have it. Only the most serious issues that they are facing now is economic crisis; recession that happens every 10 years. Dad still owes me an explanation for recession, I'm too lazy to wikipedia and google it.

Talking about America ... big country, friendly neighbourhood, spacious house and surroundings, delicious food and girlfriends. Oh talking about girls, it's difficult to get one here as your neighbour. Most of them like to stay at home. Too bad Malaysia is a hot country, you won't be expecting anyone near your neighbourhood (girls) to jump into the swimming pool in the middle of the day. You know what I mean if you watch Disturbia. Maybe I just keep my hope down in the rabbit hole for the moment.

From my observation, Americans are very good in starting a conversation. In general, the white people. That's why they are friendly. Spontaneous it can be with new people.

"Hey my name is Rashaad. It's nice to meet you."
"Nice to meet you too."

Talking about conversation, I met this one girl, 2 years younger than me at my cousin's place. She's cute. ( I hope she doesn't read cuz she has a blog too) I dunno why suddenly that day I feel really - really shy and I only managed to smile at her. I was lost in my words. At that time I took a cake and was walking towards the dining room. She was sitting with her friend, a guy ( well I thought he was her boyfriend actually he was not) at the sofa. I walked passed through her and to my surprise she invited me to seat at the sofa too. And so I replied, "It's okay, no thanks." I was bloody hell stupid, idiot, a sore loser, dumbass, fucker! I cursed myself for every word I said to her and it was the stupidest thing I have said in my whole entire life. She was trying to start a conversation and there I was, politely declined! There goes my hope.

Maybe the Disturbia movie has greatly contributed to what I'm writing here, hoping with my mighty heart, with binoculars in my hand, to start seeing people from different perspective and to know them better and never politely declined.

I'm beginning to like America now ...

Thursday, November 6, 2008


my special apperance in muallaf coming soon yaw! hahaha. the poster was made on june 13 2007.

hidup ini memang palat, tapi esok masih ada.

tapi kalau takde esok macam mane eh?

palat tu ape?

talking about bm, the first malay movie i watched in cinema is kl menjerit kot. i was forced to watch it as my friends wanted to watch it. i admit i am not a malay moviegoer. most of the time i only watch english movies. i think i have this mental block and perception towards malay film where i think i should totally remove it. not all malay films though.

the second malay movie i watched in cinema was Sepet. I love that movie. The third one was Gubra. The fourth one was Chermin featuring natasha hudson. the movie quite freaking me out padehal crite mcm biase je. and the fifth malay movie i watched in cinema was mukhsin.

so there you go, roughly 5 malay movies at cinemas. how pathetic is that? where whole my life i spend time watching english movies but when it comes to malay movie kire gune jari pon boleh.

okey la maybe my mistake, i socialised with different circle of ppl.

i wanted to watch Kami the other day but was lambasted by my own malay friend's statement. " .. Kami? giler lame!" .. others said, " eh .. i nak tgk movie tu mcm best je. jom la jom la."

in the end i didnt watch it.

some malay movies i do enjoy watching it especially pontianak harum sundal malam 1 & 2, senario, jangan pandang belakang, but that was in astro ria not in cinemas. maybe the quality of malay films are not up to the certain standard of acception like english movies. talking about Cinta .. though i didnt watch it but the critics said it was the best local love story ever told.

oh my fav malay movie of all is non other than Layar Lara featuring Azean Irdawaty, Man Bai and Ida Nerina.

the moral of the story is, when u r driving, always look infront jangan pandang belakang. :P
oh well i mean, do support our local film directly and indirectly.

oh i just watched the the latest james bond, quantum of solace. bapak tak best compared to the previous one. i still prefer casino royale.

okey gotta study now. final exams are just around the mamak corner (bak kate raje izzati). so in the mean time do enjoy your time.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Internship Anyone?

1 month holiday I considered as too long for me, I wonder what I will be doing in the month of December. There are many plans to do, well that will presumably stored in my head instead of writing it down, making a check list will be a great idea but who wants to make it work when you can do instantaniously with a snap of your finger? Only if you have a good memory though. I keep scratching my head for the past few days trying to figure out where I put my books, the room is indeed in messy condition. One week holidays gone just like that. The idea of painting my room in navy blue left abandoned. Maybe I shall do it in December if only I can make an effort.

Talking about internship, I was browsing to PricewaterhouseCoopers Malaysia home page last night when I saw the next intake dates for internship:

3 November 2008 to 31 December 2008 / 30 April 2009
1 December 2008 to 30 January 2009 (Internship placements have been filled)
2 January 2009 to 30 June 2009
9 February 2009 to 15 May 2009

Actually I plan to do internship with an accounting firm preferably in auditing since I will taking F8 next semester together with F7 and F9. I just want to grasp the idea of auditing knowledge that I have learnt in CAT and apply it in the practical area. Well, real-world experience simply cannot be taught in the classroom or included in a textbook. Seeking to enhance my theoretical knowledge with practical experience is a good idea.

Frankly speaking, just to accomodate my time during holidays though. I am still not sure about the plan to go to Egypt this coming holiday. Worst come worst I had rather go there alone rather than stuck here. It will be lousy after all without going anywhere.

But shoot! If you notice carefully I can't really join the internship so to speak in the near future as my class will start early January until middle of June next year unless I abandoned my studies for the whole semester and take part time classes during the weekends! Bloody hell!

There goes my plan.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tragedi Oktober

I attended my cousin's open house last week and was warmly greeted by his family. Many friends, relatives and peers of his family were there, all were smartly dressed. The foods were delicious, nasi briyani, daging kambing, chocolate fudge, ketupat etc and it was an eye opener for me and I was spoilt with too many choices.

The day went on, until evening there was a match between Manchester United vs Everton. All were glued on the plasma TV. I noticed an Indian guy wearing Batik was standing near the sofa. He was my father's friend. So I greeted him.

I was introduced to him by my dad. Both were in their early 50's. Normally when a conversation takes place, I will be asked about my name and age.

"How old are you young man?"

"This year I am 19."

"Are you serious? You gotta be kidding! It looks 14 to me."

I felt like I was hit by a ball straight in my face. Standing there suddenly I felt young again. 5 years younger. No lah, there's no such thing like that, I was puzzled though. Is it because I don't have sideburns or moustache like normal teenagers of my age do? Or my physical appearance, face or behaviour doesn't reflect of my age?

Sometimes I have problem watching movies listed 18 SG, 18 SX, 18 PL etc at cinemas. Imagine the idea of taking my IC from my wallet and place it on the counter even though I'm already 18. malu giler weyh. It happened to me mostly last year. Now not anymore. :) Even my younger sister managed to pass through.

What more about clubs?

The good thing about it is, well there's so many good reasons to write here. :P Well age is only a number though.

So, I replied to the man wearing Batik, "I am definitely 19 you moron."