Friday, July 31, 2009


I was sitting in the car with X, and she complained how boring my blog is nowadays. I rarely update she said and lately the posts concerned nothing about me, my private life. I admit there is lack of colours of what I'm writing compared to last year, and it is monotonous. She even said, kalau visit sebulan sekali pon takpe in a funny way but I think she really means it. I couln't agree more with her. She's right. Don't you think so?

If it is that so, then I'm sorry. I'm sorry I could not satisfy your feelings and devotion up to certain extent of what I'm expressing. I'm not Raja Petra who can create colours beyond boundaries in writing. I'm neither a writer nor a journalist. But I wish I have the time to write something to cheer up you people but I'm running against it instead. How sad is that?

I don't know whether you want to call it exaggeration but this is just a blog which is so much different compared to real life. You can expect anything out there but here with only small space ... Sometimes I feel my privacy
is coarsely and intrusively invaded but yet I just feel like writing it out and sometimes I have this feeling of 'what the heck I've written here' and ended up deleting it. How funny I thought.

I can't see what's the purpose of having one but just spacing out my thoughts, unbottling it. At first it was black and white, so I coloured it to make it colourful but as time flies by it worn out like it is now. And the thought of pressing the keyboard and put it into writing seems not there, pausing for awhile, thinking and thinking and trying to make it sensible but I'm still not reaching there.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wanna be on Top?

Today we decided to go hiking and our destination is Broga Hill, located near University of Nottingham, Semenyih. Finally an outdoor activity that I was looking forward to distress. Bryan, Alex, Phei Chuen, Imran and me met up at Indah Villa which is not indah at all, besides our college at 5.30am sharp and we began our journey ... Well, actually not hiking but we planned to see sun rise

Broga Hill is a really nice place to take pictures and if you have a dslr you might as well bring it along, you don't want to miss the fun but it's just that I didn't bring any cameras and I had to rely on my camera handphone, the one and only SE K810i which is really reliable :)

We took 2 cars, me with Imran and the other 2 with Bryan and luckily Imran brought along his hp GPS, so to find the way there was not a hassle. Arrived there at 7.00am and we had breakfast at an old chinese restaurant and by 8am we started walking up towards the hill.

the path turned out to be not safety and narrow and steep but we managed to climb up safely

scenery from above, you can see the small village here. a really breathtaking view.

gua capek

cuak oh gayat esp tempat tinggi

we can almost feel it baby! touch the sky!

haha check out alex. she's like a pregnant woman. lol

we finally reached on top! great effort there!

sometimes suicide is not the answer

pc missed the fun, she couldn't climb up this time around :/

satisfaction feeling after half an hour walking up the hill

overall it was simply the best! lesson of the story, next time bring a camera! We made our way back at 10.30am

Friday, July 24, 2009

Oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi!!!

My sister is coming back soon yaw! Haven't seen her for almost a year. I really can't wait to meet her, and the best part of it she's coming back this monday! That's really really really unexpected. woohooo :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

A Big Thank You!

Wow, I appeared in a magazine. (top right) Awesome! hehe

Thank you friends for the most enjoyable one month journey, I swear without you I'm lost in translation.

Asif Noh (6 packs)
Ahmad Fahim (Ogy)
Faqih Shamshudin (Part 1)
Aiman Kamal (Bomby)
Megat Mohd Hazwan Zamir Zairi
Ahmad Yusri Ahmad Fuad
Aidil Radzi
Rifqi Al-Lil
Aizat Zahari Zainol (Tibi)
Zikri Kamardin (Bakat)
Nailil Hanani Suhaimi
Raja Atikah
Nurfatinah Rashidee
Jazli A. Jamal (Apollo)
Sharifah Athirah
Syukri Shairi
Nazirah Jalil
Aqeela Hani
Shakir Abdul Razak
Bryan Chan
Afiq Makmon (Jawa)
Imran Johan Ismail Andrew
Janani Nair
Zharif Zulkifli
Christopher Kim
Maneshsiren Basker
Alexiera Ramskay
ZenGiselle Lee
Sheetal Sharma
Ikan Lemas (Numa)
Debbie Chong
Aida Hani Johnston Abdul Karim
Ahmad Faiz
Izaaz Iskandar
Izaaz Muzaffar
Muhammad Naim
Hadri Zaini
Ahmad Idham
Farid Yunus
Manvinder Kaur
Maryam 'Afifah Halid

sorry if I missed anybody and for those who I haven't met, lets!

Currently looking forward for:

Prom Night
Manchester United vs Malaysia match
Qatam Al-Quran
Finishing New Moon

... to name a few