Friday, December 26, 2008

the Tales of Beedle the Bard

Here are some of the events that I attended for the past 2 weeks of holidays. More pictures will be uploaded soon at MySpace, Friendster, Facebook and Flickr. Firstlty is Rock the World Concert. Frankly speaking I'm not a big fan of live gigs not until aizat and arab introduced me to their world. Bittersweet, Estrange, Esterella, Butterfingers and One Buck Short to name a few. Who says Malaysian bands are not up to a good standard? Wait until you listen to Stay from Esterella, a slow & contemporary tune and Kucing Hitam from Bittersweet.

Pergi situ dengan Aizat Tibi, Hanif, Adzraf Arab & Market and coincidentally I bumped into Kimi and bumped into college friends Azral wearing black hat haha and Noma, complaining how terrible the crowd was. I kinda agree with him though.

hey i'm still a virgin cuz i don't smoke! :)

lets practice yoga . lol neutralising the scene with our aura. can u feel the heat, the warmness & friendliness?

wecho park yeyyo!
wow, a shooting star! click the picture & zoom it. there's stars too.

for the very first time in my life, i saw 2 pengkids. hot jugak lah :P hahaha very interesting.

The other day went for a shisha with good friends Nazirah, Aiman, Megat and Chris at the Castle, Ampang. and last week went to M.O.S wednesday night, R&B Night
That evening went for a picnic at KLCC Park. You guys might be wondering why, why and why?
Baught kfc chicken, miya brought his own cooking made pasta and pudding. not bad not bad guess i'll have to learn from you. adilah with her cookies, doughnut and fruits. and there's wan shin, irene, anuar and lyanna.

betrayal, denial & poyo-nial


ngeh, superheroes

potong stim la budak belakang tu. u just spoiled the whole picture!

Oh, this picture has been ages .. megat, zhafran (took the picture), liyana, raja, shakina & fatina

Went out with aiman, liyana, khairin, azlikha & sofiya. i really suck in this game big time! it's like striking off a ball with a chopstick!!! bapaklah susah giler do.

suppp homiess???


I'm still waiting for pictures from Shakina at kedai kopi, cepatlah kina! and aizat and adilah.
currently reading Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, the Tales of Beedle the Bard and looking forward for Dan Brown's Angels & Demons ( from the widely anticipated movie of the Da Vinci Code). it's coming out to cinemas soon biatchhh! yay!
another great week of fun ... next week Port Dickson and Genting here we come!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Someday when I grow up I'll understand

Sometimes I can be selfish, just to think about myself, just to get what I want, just to have the feeling to hold and grap anything within my reach so that I feel satisfied, secured and sometimes proud. Everybody has that feeling but to what extent? At the expense of your family and friends? I paused and I think again. Maybe to me is a kind of achievement after all the hard work & effort and consideration you have given in doing something but not to the detriment of others. What I'm saying is you can't be selfish all the time. Well is good to be selfish occasionally but that occasionally can become a repetitive in nature, the more you do it, the more it will become part and parcel of your life.

It has been 4 years now since mum started her Ph.D way back in 2004. Over these times she has been very busy all day and night 24/7 to extent she has to sacrifice her time with her family completing her thesis, visiting various places to collect mouthful data, interviews and interviews and not enough with that, bombarded with a lot of assignments and deadlines. Anyway she's doing value engineering and value analysis. Somehow within her free time she managed to spend her time with us, accompanying me and the rest here and there, shopping, jogging at night, helped her to make fettucini carbonara and extremely delicious deserts to name a few. But what did I do in return? Complain? Nagging? Ask them to buy me this and that, send me here and there (though now I can drive). All she asked for is to understand her situation but sometimes I can be too ignorant and selfish, I only think about myself after all the natural love, affection and consideration she has given.

I dunno, maybe I'm too emo now to write here and I hate being emo-ish when I'm writing and it's like a sort of remembrance to me to act good all the time. I don't like that. Time to grow up Rashaad.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On a lighter note

i'm gonna miss your presence la since you'll be away next semester. u r the burning spirit that keeps me staying alive. i dunno what i will end up without you. u're simply the best a friend could ask for. need i say more? well have fun there, hope you'll enjoy studies and with good philosophy and great charisma of yours, there's nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams.

best regards,

Joyeux Anniversaire Mummy!

Happy Birthday mummy. I love you so much. You are the best mum ever! Well when I was a rugrat, you asked me to call u ibunda and daddy as ayahanda but I was too small to grasp such long words. In the end, it's what I called you now.

I still remember last week, when I asked you, "Mummy kenape orang dulu2 pakai cermin mate besar-besar pastu rambut nak style bushy2 mcm hermione granger? dieorg tak nampak burok ke at that time?"

Stupidity is killing! What the hell I was asking about when I browsed to one of the old classic pictures in 1990's. At that time, big glasses and bushy hair was a trend for women and pakai baju masuk dalam jeans dgn pakai belt atas pinggang menayangkan shape punggung lagi was way not cool! For real, imagine if you see women wearing that these days!

So mum told me, "It's a no problem mummy wearing that those days. Wait till your children ask you later when you grow up."

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Breath of Fresh Air

Bloody hell for the past 1 month was a rough & tough time for me. Er, that's a bad introduction. But the good news is now I'm totally free! 4 weeks of holidays beb! Now that's a short one ey?Who cares now exams are finally over.

Gone are those days when I had sleepless night at foyer pushing beyond my limits, wake up early in the morning just to find free parking space near college even in weekends, eating out at burger ramli to find out I had diarrhea, get caught by pak guard to my miserable attitude for trespassing to Sunway Lagoon via the college Art Gallery, jumping and laughing like hell at the rooftop, foyer, library & everywhere, it was too good to be true I wish I had a time machine to go back to the past. For the first time in my life I hate to admit it but I think I miss college. I miss those moment that we cherished together.

Now it's finally over I can lay back on my comfy bed without having a guilty feeling of not studying. I can walk straight with confidence, look into the mirror with a satisfying heart, I did what I should have done and leave the rest to Him.

Now is 10th of December. A fortnight from now will be Christmas Day and the next thing you know is New Year Eve and comes 2009. 4 months 19 days later is my birthday, going to be 20. 2 months from that I should have finished my ACCA Part 2 here and continue somewhere else. After that I dunno. I hate to plan but it's better planning than procrastinating.

And I shall stop here. Tomorrow I shall have a very good hot shower and hot milo. I'm definitely going to enjoy this holiday.