Saturday, January 9, 2010

Maybe this will be my very last post

i'm not sure whether i'm able to pen my thoughts for the moment. only pictures can describe my feelings now. chewah. anyway i'm doing just fine. i haven't settled down yet. to sum up things, staying in london is the best moment in my life and i'll treasure every moment here. friends here are cool and awesome, i made many new friends just within 2 weeks. i can easily get halal food. but the best part of all, i finally got the freedom ... freedom that i yearned for.
darn, i really missed my friends in malaysia :/

oh yeah before i forgot, here's some of the lists that i wanted to fulfill for this year 2010:
i) start playing football
ii) participating in english drama class
iii) pass all acca papers in one shot
iv) start applying jobs this february or maybe internship at pricewaterhousecoopers, kpmg, deloitte, E&Y, and petronas
v) practising guitar
and last but not least ... gain weight.