Monday, March 3, 2008

Immense Satisfaction

My heart was beating hard fast. Every step I took from the lecture hall to the computer lab, the nervous feeling inside me just could not stop. No, it was not my first time. It happened lately. Today was the worst. Students were supposed to obtain the result last week but I did not. Same goes with a few friends of mine. The unlisted candidates. I couln't sleep last night thinking about what's the outcome for today.

Without hesitation I entered into the lab. I took the room on my left and luckily I found a vacuous place at the side of the corner. I keyed in my username and password. I didn't know why it took a long time for the ACCA website to loading here. The waiting made me hungry. Finally I got access into the my home page. I did not blink. The exam result I received without even a whimper of objection. 88 for T3, 80 for T4 and another 80 for T5! My hard work has finally paid off! It was a joy of satisfaction! Now I left with another 4 papers.

I quickly logged off and ran downstairs to my class. I was very eager to inform mummy. She must be very happy with my result. So I messaged her in the class and she replied, "Congratulations. Is that an A?"

I was laughing like mad! This is not SPM. This is ACCA. It is either you pass or fail. :)