Sunday, August 21, 2011

On the 21st Day of Ramadhan

I was walking down the road from the place where I parked my car. New car, I thought where I have at least achieved something. But in substance, the car belongs to the bank, not mine. I owe the bank through a hire purchase agreement. That is called substance over form, I learned in my university life during my sophomore year. As I made my way to my client's place, I was clutching my laptop's bag on one's hand. This laptop also doesn't belong to me. My employer lend it for me to do my professional work. If I lose it, I will be dead the next day. Even the laptop has been depreciated over the remaining useful lives, I would still have to pay the full amount regardless of the age. Pathetic isn't it? What is the most important is the crucial data that is stored inside. Basically, what we have right now is only temporary and we might not have it the next day. It's like a loan from Allah s.w.t. Always be grateful for what we have. Never compare ourselves to the richer people because we will never be satisfied. Instead, compare ourselves to the poor ones and always help them.

Salam Ramadhan.