Friday, February 26, 2010

London, kau dan aku.

Syukur alhamdulliah, I managed to pass my papers. Now I'm left with my final three papers of ACCA and I hope this will be my final semester and hopefully to be an affiliate by this August when the result will come out.

The other day I messaged Din through my mobile, congratulated him for becoming an affiliate. That's the only person I know in my group who has cleared all the papers. He's a genius and full of charisma, and matured something that I see lack in myself.

Then he replied and my other friends who congratulated me through sms. Normally I just delete it but something hit on me, I guess at least I would save these messages as a reminder and encouragement.

Din: Salam. Hey wussup man. Long time no see. How's life in London. Hopefully smua slamat accomodation, classes n stuff. Alhamdulillah thanks. Kinda owe it to u guys lagi pun for making my life in sunway an enjoyable experience. Study group, futsal lepak teh tarik n stuff. So thanks man. DGIR? (DGIR stands for director general of inland reveneu ). That will have to wait. Parents x kasi. :( huhu. Just got an offer at kpmg audit financial services. X minat sgt audit banks. But what the hey beggars cantbe choosers. huhu. Start Next week. Hvnt really prepared for working lifehonestly. Dok melepak je. huhu. Nyway heard u passed both P1 n P2. Awesome. Congratulations man. :) so what's next. Finish all 3? Which optional papers ure taking. If you ask me, spread the risk. Ure still in the running for a straight pass. Play ur cards right. Kasi 1 paper plus obu then 2 paper or 2 then 1 + obu. So by december both acca n obu settle pluss less pressure n get 2 go travelling more. Enjoy. huhu. But if money or time is an issue then different story pun. Papepun all the best man. Make us proud. X ramai budak melayu straight passer. huhu.

It was 3 pages long.

Nadiah: Rashaad! nadiah here. congrats 4 ur results taw! btw i failed 2 papers f8 and 9. sory if u cl didnt get me i went out xbwk hp. u tc k kt sne. study hard! mis u!

Sheetal: Hey rashaad ,,, how r u? tried finding u on fb but ur profile is missing. i heard u passed! congrats rashaad! :-D

The best part when I called my mum in the morning. It was 5.30 am here and Malaysia was 1.30pm. That's the other story.