Thursday, December 30, 2010

Khairul Fahmi is a warrior

Sometimes life in internet is more fun than real world. Nobody knows what you are doing, nobody cares what you are doing. It's just only you and your mouse pad that matters. One press of button you are already in London and another in Paris, how irony is it. No physical transportation needed. Only one thing I realised that it satisfies you only for temporary (based on Abrahansom Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs ... urm, well I'm currently doing a research project regarding Employee Motivation) so well that's the reason of inclusion of it.

Lets go back to reality ... if you are angry with someone .. urm, lets say your lecturer just hit you from the back of your brand new car, a BMW X1 where you just bought it at Glenmarie in which your father paid the down payment of RM20 000 ( I still find it is better to invest in landed properties rather than cars because cars depreciate ... a mistake where almost all ACCA affiliates made) and you are extremely angry with your lecturer even after all the necessary Police report and monetary settlement have taken place and you can't find a place to release or let go of your anger (well apparently you don't want to be kicked out of college because of bad publicity) the only way is through internet or specifically Twitter where all your settings are set to private not even your lecturer can see it only so called your trusted friends.


Thursday, December 16, 2010