Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Unforeseen Circumstances

September 16th, 2011. The day I finished my 3 months probation. Now, I'm officially a permanent staff of an audit firm. The name shall not be disclosed here. And 3 months later, I found out how miserable my life is, as an auditor. Despite my experience in internship last year in auditing, I'm still up for this job position that requires high patience and tolerance. And I am still having problem to settle down. The professional minded people, advised me, "this is the best career to start with". "Don't worry, suffer now, enjoy later". "In 10 years' time, you will be in the top managerial position, a director or a partner. You can have everything you want in life". Frankly speaking, I don't even care about how much I will earn in the future, or how big my position is. I don't care about what car I will be driving (actually I want a Volkswagen Beetle 21st Century or 2001 Merc SLK) or the house I will stay in. All I want is a job satisfaction, to do something that I enjoy or comfortable with. Something that in the future, when I ponder upon my past, I did not regret the path that I had chosen. The problem now is because I have difficulty in managing my stress level, and oh my god, the heavy burden work loads. Otherwise, practically everything seems normal. On the weekend, the only thing that I'm looking forward is for my social life, my free time & my own space. Now, I realised, less time I spend with my friends and I only see my family at night, which is quite sad though when I come home to see everybody has fallen asleep. So yeah, my advice to you guys out there reading this, enjoy your student life as much as you can and never feel regret of what you are doing.