Saturday, October 31, 2009

Meet me halfway

it was back then in middle of 2007. i was in the train heading my way to kl central, standing while grasping a handle bar for support. it was packed as usual with passengers some big, some small. i like to take note of people, their eye contact, their movement and grace some sort of personification they embraced. looking out the window, i noticed a reflection. then came a voice screaming my name in the middle of crowded people. "rashaad!". i wonder who would that be. puzzled, disgruntled, i turned around and i was utterly shocked to see my friend, fidzry! i got to know him from myspace, we live in the same neighbourhood, he's staying in london while working as a waiter over there at that time.

"hey rashaad. how are you doing mate?"
"hey fidzry! i'm doing good man."

i only remember that part. the rest was history. and suddenly he took something out off his pocket and gave it to me, a sourvenir. that thing up there in the picture. i'm not sure what it is called.

"hey man, here's a gift from london", with slightly british accent. "thank you very much", i replied. we chat for awhile and the next stop came, i had to make an exit at kl central.

that thing up there is still in my room. and i'm leaving to london in 54 days' time to further my studies ...