Sunday, August 31, 2008

Eve of Merdeka

This is the best shower I've had for this week! Phew, finally and a good enough sleep after the monthly test. What a relief. I've been wondering what you guys were doing for the past whole week and suddenly when I opened my friend's blog, I got an invitation to my friend's open house for the 2nd day of Raya!

Now it's 2.36 am in the morning. I went to merdeka celebration at Shah Alam. Last minute plan, Aisha punya pasal lah ni. I came back from home at 9pm and too tired to meet up with my college friends at Hartamas for a football match at the big screen . So I ended up here in the city that always sleeps.

In the morning of Saturday I went to jogging. It was 8.00 am by then. So I took some pictures along the way. I feel like it's autumn now in Shah Alam. haha. How I wish!

I know it's a tree but I don't know what it is called.

Bunga kertas I think. It was all over the place.

The same trees I found in Sunway.

My friend said macam orang nak kahwin. haha. Okey la I get the picture now.

It was a last minute plan. Megat, Fatina, Raja invited me for a picnic at Kemensah, near the Zoo Negara. So I thought hey sure why not. After all puasa starts this monday. And I'll not have this chance for another one month. No more movies or entertainment for the whole month.
Hey paparazzi took our pictures! I feel like a celebrity now .. awwww
Babi my selipar hilang sebelah when I was crossing it!

Muke tak pernah tgk unggun api. Hah! I know this one perpatah, it says ... bagai kambing masuk ke bandar .. or something like that. That green guy also didn't hesitate to take a picture with us. Or maybe I could read his mind .. "Batak gler syal." haha

Raja is changing her clothes in the car. And we were shaking the car like ..Metro Station's Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake, uh shake it!

Megat looks so gay. haha

And finally we arrived home at 9pm. I'm too lazy to write now. Chaw! and Happy 51st Independence Day Malaysia!

p/s: I learnt a new word from Yusri today ... 'Pent', pentingkan diri sendiri!

Friday, August 29, 2008


X, is a friend of mine. We have been friends for quite long and long enough to tell you that I'm getting bored of X. So I didn't know exactly what came out from X's mouth, until last week. X's word utterly expressed with annoyance I feel like slap twice on X's face. Please lah. With X constantly messaging me, I've been dragging to this whole colourless conversation. If I just refused, than X might think that I'm trying to avoid X but the truth is I'm not. But I don't want to hurt X's feeling either because I know X is sensitive inside. So there I go, entertain X. Need not I tell you X is my friend. That's what friends are for but if you are too friendly you just go out of the boundaries.

Y is another friend of mine. We are friends for some time. So Y has been drinking. Sometimes. No, not mineral water or Avian. We practice the same religion but different ideology. Y is like the same other laid back teenagers who wants something in life, heck Y's life is good after all. But I'm having the problem to tell Y about that. Y once or twice has asked me to try it but I'm firm with my standing. I said no. Y was drinking beside me one day. I know it's the biggest sin but I didn't protest it. I tried to but I couldn't. Am I a bad Muslim?
What Should I do?

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Happy 21st birthday to my sis Aisha! I really really gonna miss you soon! Please take care and be happy always. We always love you! Sorry for my behaviour towards you and I know I act like a jerk last night, most of the time though ... I know I suck big time, useless self centred brother but I just wanna tell you that I love you ... lepas ni dah takde siape lg nak ckp dgn rashaad kan kan? everybody is busy with their lives not like you ... later when u're gone, I'm deeply gonna miss you :( :( :(

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Brand New Day

I received a message from Allyson Liang Fang. She didn't make it. I really really feel bad now for her and those who didn't make it. Really. I thought almost everybody managed to pass, at least passed but there's a minority within us who didn't get to hold the bar. Our group is getting smaller yet we still keep in touch though. Our college is not that big anyway. You might bumped into someone every now and then. Just how relieved I was to pass. I didn't quite get the feeling of enjoyment & achievement yesterday. I thought of something else which is more important and it is still runinng in my head. I didn't get the idea how people would enjoy at the benefiting of the others that failed but then again, it's your achievement. Your hard work has finally paid off and you deserve it.

Some friends from the original Group 11 - July 2007. Aiman Hakim, Zharif didn't make it to the next stage. Manesh Baba did pass but not in the picture. Who else eh? I lost track. Daren went home in Korea. I bet he's watching Olympics now. And congratulations Lisa for getting World Prize Winner for T6. Hey I was there, and I saw how happy you were, jumping and yelling!

Oh, did I tell you that we ( Zen, Lexy, me, Imran, Christ, Manesh) randomly took numbers to take turns getting the results in the computer lab? haha funny la weyh. Luckily all of us passed and can pursue ACCA.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Farewell Party

I wish I had a twin brother so that we can shopping together. Er that's so gay. But I wish I had one. So it's easy for me to skip classes and switch places. So we don't need to look in the mirror instead we see ourselves. That's cool. What the crap I'm talking about. I need a coffee now.

I hate monday, I will always hate Monday. God knows how I feel. I feel like balik kampung now kejar ayam, panjat pokok kelapa, running along the beach ... I need to escape, just for one day before Monday.

Crap la you guys, why u guys fly so early to go to USA? LA and New York pulak tu. You must be enjoying yourselves kan Aidil, Kamil, Adeelah. Now you make me feel empty. Luckily I managed to send you guys to KLIA yesterday. I told ya, we managed to arrive in time. Luckily Tina sempat met Aidil if not tak tau la what would happen. Coincidently I met my friends .. nfa, togeh, telo, topup .. you know who u are right .. and thanks Shakina for calling me. haha dengar crite you and Rahim will take the same flight from Auckland to Msia ... giler sweet!

All the best Lee Chong Wei! Please I beg you to get Gold medal, you are our only relief to reduce the even worse politic scenarios in Msia!

Between my legs? Doesn't it sound catchy? Well do visit Engku Emran's

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Golden Boy

You deserve nothing but the best. Thank you for representing Malaysia! We are really proud of you ... at least LCW secured silver .. that's good enough. Can't wait for the next Olympics in London! Keep the spirit high dude!

Man you made my day! You are bloody hell very good! Superb!
Lee Chong Wei, make Malaysia proud, bring honour to our country and make us proud!
Great start, great attack, great defence and hopefully great ending with GOLD !!! You are the only hope for Malaysia.... and don't be so pressure dude. Just relax and hit the "telur kosong" kau kau.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

At least you have sideburns

Suddenly I feel much alive after I changed the layout of my page from black to white, more cheerful with kick some arse attitude. If black that's gloomy, if white that's juicy!

Did you notice I had a hair cut? Yup that's me up there. haha. Yes I did finally after 7 months. And I totally regret about it and I feel like choking myself now. The best part of it, it only cost me RM 18 for 7 months and that saves me a lot. The worst part of it I didn't get the style of my hair that I want it so badly but it turns out to be a Beatles' Paul McCartney's. So there you go, I look like a schoolboy like my friends said. Nevermind I still have that clean image though. :p You couldn't agree more can you?
I thought it shall grow well enough to celebrate Raya in 2 months' time.

I admit that I am a strange weirdo when it comes to hair cut. The beat of my heart,it worries me so much. You know how it feels when you are in the exam hall and that's the way I feel everytime I am in the hair salon or maybe when you face a girl that you like but you don't have the guts to speak out. Only twice a year I have a hair cut and no wonder why ... So when it turns up not the way that I want it to be I feel like cursing every one of them, sort of boycotting the hair salon but I ended up going there again for one reason, to get my hair done. Back to square one.

To make matters worse I only have one sideburn for the moment. That will be obvious for you to see friends now I've mentioned it. Thank you mum you made my day! Okey actually after I went home from salon I asked my mum to trim my sideburns .. to TRIM only ... but my mum CUT it like that ... like you take a scissors and you CUT it one shot .. now I look retarded with only a sideburn. She said it was okay and it was NOT okay at all. So I asked my sis to trim the other part and she did well after that attitude I gave her. haha thanks sis.

Guys at least you have sideburns! How to grow perfect sideburns eh that fast?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Saiful Bukhari is the new Harry Potter

Politicians are born not made.

Saiful Bukhari is made not born.

The new episode has just begun. It is indeed a widely anticipated movie in the history of Malaysia. People say this movie will even make a big hit in Hollywood not to mention Bollywood and Malaywood. In Malaywood everything is boleh, that is why we called it as Boleh Land. Malaysia Boleh.

Back off Titanic, Star Wars, Harry Potter and the Dark Night. Here comes Saiful Bukhari the new Harry Potter. Our own favourite Kampung Boy.

Here are some theories and comparisons which I found out scientifically.

1)Harry Potter is a wizard. Little did he know about magic until he was accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry unconditionally. Saiful Bukhari is a mudblood and little did he know that he's going to be a loser out of the losers. He was even expelled from Unisel.

2)Harry Potter has a Godfather, Sirius Black while Saiful Bukhari has a Godmother, Mumtaz Jaafar.

Raja Petra Kamarudin mentions Mumtaz Jaafar as being Saiful Bukhari’s “God Mother” in two of his No Holds Barred posts.

The first was The Malay Unity Sodomy Conspiracy posted on July 26th, 2008 where he wrote the following.

Actually, Saiful hardly knows his father. His father abandoned his mother soon after he was born and the mother remarried. When his mother died, his stepfather also disappeared and Saiful was subsequently brought up by his uncle (or was it his auntie?). And one important aspect in this whole episode is that Saiful’s ‘God Mother’ is Mumtaz Jaafar — who is Rosmah Mansor’s nominee and ‘bag lady’ in all their clandestine business deals.

And RPK mentions Mumtaz Jaafar again yesteday in his Killing Two Birds with One Stone No Holds Barred post, rather cleverly putting forward possible questions (with regard to her connection to the Deputy Prime Minister’s wife) that might be raised in court should Anwar be formally charged.

During the course of Anwar’s impending trial, Malaysians will be told of the link Saiful has with Mumtaz Jaafar. Malaysians will also be told who Mumtaz Jaafar is and what her ‘special’ links with Rosmah are. Further to that, Malaysians will be told about the relationship between Najib’s Special Officer, Khairul Anas, and Saiful — and the less than manly reputation these two buggers had while still in school. Yes, the excitement and kinky sex that is going to spill over from this trial will cause Astro to lose a lot of business

Could it be THE Mumtaz Jaafar, the former sprint queen whom RPK says is Saiful Bukhari’s “God Mother” and a close Rosmah Mansor (bag lady) associate?

3)Harry Potter's best friends are Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger while Saiful Bukhari's best friends are the Policemen (since he's under police security for more than 1 month)

4)Harry Potter uses wand to cast magic while Saiful Bukhari uses his arse to cast spells.

5)Harry Potter's uncle is fat Uncle Vernon while Saiful Bukhari's uncle is Uncle Pat although he looks like an aunty.

6)Both Harry Potter and Saiful Bukhari will use everything to protect themselves from the devil worshippers. muahahaha.

7) Harry Potter is straight but I doubt over Saiful Bukhari's sexual orientation.

8)Harry Potter's enemy is the one who must not be named Lord Voldemort while Saiful Bukhari's enemy is Anwar Ibrahim.

9)Harry Potter got balls which is contrary to Saiful Bukhari.

10)At least Harry Potter's arse still virgin compared to Saiful Bukhari's accusation of being sodomised.

In the meantime do watch Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince Trailer!