Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rashaad what are you doing? You should be studying!

Thanks dad! =)

How I wish I had a big brother to guide me or cover me up. No, I'm not complaining. This family is just fine with the five of us. Plus the severe dispute between us. But when you are the eldest sibling in the family or you are the eldest brother, the expectation is very high. In ecademic, sports and everything. Almost everything. Sigh. So lately, I have the tendency to indulge myself in ... er how should I say ... non lucrative event? Time wasted just like that. The 4 minutes song by Madonna and JT just keeps ringing in my head. I professed that the uprightness inside me has declined. Yeah, you know who you are. Because of you and you and nothing but you.

It's a prodigious attitude of me to be online at this time of week where almost everyone is busy struggling and occupying themselves to study and refresh their mind of the syllabus of ACCA/CAT. It would me a mind blowing to study at the very last minute but heck, it works for me! To tell you the truth I am expecting T7 to be the hardest compared to the last sitting because the examiner indicated so that it was so far the easiest paper. For Audit, around 50 to 60 marks I target. It doesn't suit at all with the effort that I've made for this paper but then again it only becomes apparent when I start focusing. Okey for Tax, the expectation is very high. Joyce said I could earn a mouthful average of 90 marks. She must be kidding! Well I'm hoping she's right and I'm right too. All I need is a faithful presentation inside and outside. Nothing hurts to get a Malaysian Prize Winner eh? I would be succumbed to earn it!

Okey enough said. I haven't planned any vacation for these 3 weeks break. Well I'm really looking forward for it this time with my sis and bro after last year's plan was cancelled thanks to you unworthy people. haha. Oh yeah and another thing I would like to make attention here, this morning I was surprised by bibik's question.

"Hari ni tanggal bulan brapa? Hari apa ni Aisha pakai baju kurung? Hari Raya eh?", with her Indon slang.

"Huh? Bukan la bibik. Aisha dgn mummy and daddy pergi kahwin."

"Oh, kawan Aisha kahwin?"

"Tak lah, saudara kahwin."

Wonder to me how's that supposed to be. Aisha is 20 bibik for your information and how could her friend married at this young age huh? and it doesn't mean it's raya if you wear kebaya or baju kurung or baju melayu. I hope this will give a clear explanation bibik if you happend to read it.

To all CAT and ACCA students, all the best in your examinations and may the force be with you. Tonight we dine in hell!


Friday, May 23, 2008


How could I let those only chances,
pass me by,
to think we could be together,
if I wasn't so damn shy.

Now it's too late,
to tell you how I feel,
but as a friend I'll tell you,
I'll still be here.

Although I still like you,
I know that it won't happen,
I'll just save my tears,
and hope my misery ends.

I'll tell you this though,
in my life you are just one chapter,
but whoever you end up with,
I'll hope you'll live happily ever after.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


I totally disagree with dad's approval to allow Azraa to drive. Dad, she's not even 17! How could you allow her? And the idea of mum to allow her to drive to school is totally ridiculous! What if she is caught right handed? I know Aisha is not around here for now, but you just can't neglect your duties as parents to drive them even if you're very busy with your Ph.D and business meetings. Even after I got my driving license, she was reluctant to let me go out at night to drive at first. Dad was okay with me. What's more with her? This is a sex and age discrimination!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

P.S. I love you

Happy Mother's Day mummy!

P.S. I love you

anakanda Rashaad

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Pismo from Russia

Yay, I finally received a letter from Farah yesterday! It was posted nearly 2 months ago. Ugrh, the waiting ... :P The heading is in russian. I cannot understand a word. The alphabet reminds me of the Angerthas writing in the JRR Tolkien's the Lord of the Rings which remains untouched in my bookshelves which I bought 7 years ago. It still looks as good as new though.

The letter is full of postage stamps from Nizhny Novgorod. I don't know where is the place but I know it's up there somewhere. I better check out the map. Hurm, wonder to me how much she has spent on the postage and postcards eh? Don't worry I'll reply as soon as possible. ;D

Here are some of the beautiful postcards.

The Dmitrievskaya Tower

The Georgievskaya Tower

Anyway Azli, Aizat and Hafiz are in the same place as Farah. Sara, Fikri and Annastasia are in Moscow while Syakirah, Lily, Sibol, Ahmed and Muslim are in Volgograd. Did I pronounce it correct? Vol-vo-gred?

Monday, May 5, 2008


Well, where do I begin? Frankly speaking, I'm not good at introduction. I really am. Mine is very mundane. I still remember 2 years before. It was my sophomore year at MRSM Jasin. Miss Zack asked me to introduce myself infront of the class. I was standing there like a 6 years old student waiting to buy an ice cream. Waiting for my name to be called. When it was my turn ...

"My name is Ahmad Rashaad."

"Ahmad huh? Ahmad what?"

"Ahmad Rashaad. R-A-S-H-A-A-D."

"You don't have a nick name do you?"

"Hurm, just Rashaad."


Back then life at MRSM pretty sucks ... at first. Not even one week at the college, I went home already with a group friend of mine. Aiman, Asif, Adlan Wafi and Megat to name a few.

Friends asked me why.

Bukan tak tahan lah. Balik rumah sebab nak amek anugerah SPM." Confidently I spoke.

"Eheh. Ye lah tu."

Over time, I've settled down there. Making new friends, it's a priority in order to build a strong network. We were bombarded with a lot of activities almost every day. From
kuliah to extra class on the weekends. From menganyam ketupat to pelancaran roket. You know those days, the student council really energetic and diligent. I was the EMC and activities like the Grapevine magazine, Unbottle the bottle, Starbucks Debate and English movies were carried out with the help of the committee led by Ain Ul Mardhiah (maybe we should have done english movies with english subtitle instead of malay, that should have forced the students to learn english! haha ... with the poor quality sound system, who would expect to read the subtitle eh?)

I still remember those days. We were reluctant to go to the Surau especially for Suboh prayer. (as if the Surau is hundred miles away) Instead we
'sodorm' which means solat dalam dorm. Imagine we slept late at night and we were expected to be awaken at 6am! Even the seniors didn't know what 'sodorm' mean. They thought it was sodomy! My god. We were even called by our seniors for an explanation and the word was banned at college. I guess I could say that was where it all started.

Months passed and my stability floundered. Life is a roller coaster over there. Sometimes all the turns and twists made me sick but I managed to cope with it. We constantly faced with new obstacles and tasks. It was their confidence that I admired. The way they carried themselves, and the qualities that they possessed.
We're all rounders that's why we are here. The teachers are brilliant and they guide us with full support and never let us down. Our hard work has finally paid off.We gained a tremendous success for SPM 2006 for being the best school in Malaysia!

p/s: Maybe I shouldn't have confessed to Mr Kherman Shah that I forged Chief Warden's signature for
pulang bermalam. That way, it would be an interesting story to tell my son that I might as well got expelled from college or the least was gantung persekolahan.

or maybe I should have joined my friends for
gaining access to the swimming pool without authorisation late at night and hope that I would get caught by the Pak Guard. :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day

Have a fresh start. Tomorrow there's always a brand new day. I think so.
I was browsing to my saved messages in my inbox. 14 birthday wishes. Not bad huh for my 19th birthday. If only I had another 4. Yes another 4 indeed. That will complete it eventually. I was contented. Thanks guys! Cheers!

I can't recall what I've done for the past few days. The passing of time has worn down the sharp edges of bitterness that plouged me. I hope everything's all right and I hope I'm not thinking too much of the past. I didn't regret either by joining this course. "Hold yourself together." That's what Miss J mentioned everytime during her class
without fail. She wants us to be in full drive, capacity, motion and energy and keep holding on until we have reached a certain level of perfection. Never give up. I assured that to myself even though I hate to admit it that her inspiration and motivation is really getting on my nerves.


"Wei dude.happy bday~Aku org first wish ko ke?wishing u all d best!-miya(aku xde kdt, pki kwn aku punye numbr!)peace dude!" -

"Hey hei. happy birthday huh =)" -
Wan Shin

"Happy 19th birthday bro" -

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!Hav a splendid bday!! Sweet 19!! =) syaima pon wish u hppy bday..!Muah from me and syaima!" -
Raja Atikah & Syaima

"Greetings from freezing cameron! happy birthday rashaad!! :)" -
Aiman Kamal

"HapPy birthday chad!hehe. Aku xpenah lupe au bday ko..jgn nkal2!" -
Aminah Shahidah

"Eyt, happy birthday. ee org br nk jmp ckp dpn2! Br nk blanje. love aidil n tina" -
Aidil Radzi & Fatina

"=) =) =) =) Just drop by to wish .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RASHAAD! Hope u'll do well in everything! ;->" -
Adlan Wafi

"Raja Iskandar n azral wish u happy 19th, moga pjg umo murah rezeki" -
Azral & Raja Iskandar

"Happy birthday.." -

"hi rashaad, happy 19th bday! sory lmbt wish. eheh" -
Raja Izzati

"Rashaadddd!! I noe m an hour l8t but i stil wana wish u =) 4giv me 4 bein l8t btw XD Happie 19th b'day! hope u had a blast of tyme n a splendid b'day! Partay hard n hav loadsa dunn! God blesz you rashaad! May u receive loadsa blessings n may al' d happinesz in this world b only yours! *bigg huggz* loadsa love LADYJAAN :)" -

"Akum rashaad.. Selamat Hari Lahir 19/04.. Moga dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki.. Semoga kejayaan menanti anda di hadapan .. And harap agar hubungan persahabatan kita kekal selamanya,, ingatan tulus ikhlas {faridzul}" -

"Rashaad! happy birthday! was bz yesterday.. really forgot to wish u. im truly sorry ..neway, moga dipanjangkan umur n murah rezeki. may u succeed in ur life k .. :) take care!" -


"Heyya dearie... happy belated birthday!! dah tak muda remaja lagi ... ;p" - Aqeela

"Anyway happy birthday to you .. :) May Allah bless u n i'll pray for your success and happiness :) take care" - Dr Siti Fauzian

"Happy belated brthday to u!!! sorry for the late late wish. hope to see you sometime soon." - Effa

"Happy belated bday weyh. xde krdt dowh nk wish semalam. haha" - Faqih Shamsuddin

"Hey ya! happy bl8d burfday! :)" - Hanefa

"hey you.. epi belated besday .. ptt la kate i sombong .. hehe " - Iman

"happy bday rashaad :) many happy returnss hihi" - Nabilah Abu Sujak

"shad. happy birthday" - Rifqi Jamal Al Lil

"hey you, happy birthday! saw ya at d cafe a couple of times :D" - Zureen

"Happy birthday~" - Azizul Nazim Man aka Golo

"rashaad~ happy birthday!" - Maya Ilham

"happy birthday and many happy returns :)" - Nadia Farhan

"happy birthday~!!!!!!" - Mr Benjamin

"happy birthday!!! =)" - Amy Nasution

"Hey .. happy burfday!" - Nadrah Hafizah

"happy birthday :)) another year older aye? have a great one!" - Natasha Aida