Friday, August 10, 2012

Happiest moment in my life

Alhamdulillah, I could not describe how I feel when I passed my ACCA exam. Finally, an ACCA affiliate! I was beyond words and trembling at the same time when I gave my mum a phone call to tell her that I have finally made it. Five years of waiting and after all the hard work, it has finally paid off. Now, I can focus on my career and my life. It has been a pain yet a wonderful journey. 

Thank you very much for the phone calls, messages, tweets and greetings that I received. But the one I cherished the most is this one from my cousin, Faiz.

"Congrats on your pass Rashaad, I know you can do it! And Alhamdulillah you have completed ACCA! Now it's your turn to create good future ahead, your dream car that you have been dreaming about since young, will no longer be a dream in a near future insyaAllah. Work hard and remember Allah always."

At night, I had iftar and Yazrina's farewell with PwC's mates