Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm 21 yaw

The weather is quite pleasent nowadays, not too cold and not too hot around 17 degrees. I could see people start wearing their shorts while girls with their bikinis. Nah, kidding. So it was all started yesterday, the day the sky stood still, the day that I looked at myself that I'm no longer a teenager but an adult. Bigger responsibility I should say. Darn I hate it. It has always been a mess when I'm doing something and I really hate commitment especially since I have joined UMNO Club in London. Yes, yes, yes very surprise indeed. Everybody back at home knows I'm more to the opposition and have strong influence with Anwar Ibrahim. Okey I admit it was a turning point when I decided to join UMNO. First of all, this UMNO Club is well above politics. We are committed as dedicated team members to take care of the welfare of the Malaysians and organising activities that is value added like recently we organised futsal tournament at Regent's Park and the upcoming event is solat hajat for the students who are having final exams soon. It's not bad at all and of course not to forget when dignitaries from Malaysia come here where we have to organise functions and events.

To make it short, last night my friends had a birthday party for me at Poppy Hana (a Japanese restaurant), Bermondsey. It was a blast. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Shakir, Alia, Anis, Linda, Arziff, Wawa, Aleq Riza, Arif, Shalini, Janani, Helmi and Anand for the party.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I don't need a parachute

i was browsing to my pictures and i saw these. another exactly 3 months i will be here. it's amazing and wonderful and the thought of coming back to home is quite sad. :/

dad just messaged me just now. he wants me to find out whether i can do my internship or work in london after getting my acca result.

and i still haven't settled my visa yet.