Thursday, December 30, 2010

Khairul Fahmi is a warrior

Sometimes life in internet is more fun than real world. Nobody knows what you are doing, nobody cares what you are doing. It's just only you and your mouse pad that matters. One press of button you are already in London and another in Paris, how irony is it. No physical transportation needed. Only one thing I realised that it satisfies you only for temporary (based on Abrahansom Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs ... urm, well I'm currently doing a research project regarding Employee Motivation) so well that's the reason of inclusion of it.

Lets go back to reality ... if you are angry with someone .. urm, lets say your lecturer just hit you from the back of your brand new car, a BMW X1 where you just bought it at Glenmarie in which your father paid the down payment of RM20 000 ( I still find it is better to invest in landed properties rather than cars because cars depreciate ... a mistake where almost all ACCA affiliates made) and you are extremely angry with your lecturer even after all the necessary Police report and monetary settlement have taken place and you can't find a place to release or let go of your anger (well apparently you don't want to be kicked out of college because of bad publicity) the only way is through internet or specifically Twitter where all your settings are set to private not even your lecturer can see it only so called your trusted friends.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010

A Visitor from United Kingdom

Today I looked at the Live Traffic Feed on my right side of the page where a live update been shown for visitors who visited my dead boring blog. Suddenly my heart stopped beating. A visitor from United Kingdom! Who might that be? Hurm, I wonder ... well it might be Kylie Minogue? A big no. Princess Diana? She's dead. Emma Watson? She's too busy acting in Harry Potter.

After much persuasion, I've finally managed to figure out who he/she was. Because last night I received a message through my BB, and it's written ... "Rashaad! I'm on ur blog (smiley face) U write well!"

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

When lightning strikes twice

Sometimes I wish the world is mine and I can do whatever I want but sadly I can't. No money, no spirit, no political will. Only with education I can grow up and survive in the world of highly competitive environment. But things have radically changed since last Monday, I'm not used to what I'm being right now, helplessly looking out in the naked sky, figuring out what should I do. Working? Studying? I almost gave up everything that very day, there was no momentum inside me. My parents consolidated me, I cherished it. I failed. But whatever it is, life goes on ... I'm looking at the bright side now. Maybe God has something better for me. There is I assured, there is ...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A new beginning

Today's my 5th day working in PicewaterhouseCoopers. My new client is based in Shah Alam only 10 minutes driving distance from my home ... that's the best part. Before this I had to report to HQ for the induction programme, commute by KTM to KL Central. It has been almost a year since I took the public transport. I even compared it to the Central Line I took in London to go to college near London Bridge, how efficent and fast over there. Over here I complained. sigh

Now most of my time is occupied in the office. How pathetic I thought. I couldn't lepak with my friends like I used to, lepak at mamak until 6am, do movie marathon, merempit at murni, shisha, karaoke, ghost hunting, fishing at taman tasik shah alam ... which I enjoyed most ...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm 21 yaw

The weather is quite pleasent nowadays, not too cold and not too hot around 17 degrees. I could see people start wearing their shorts while girls with their bikinis. Nah, kidding. So it was all started yesterday, the day the sky stood still, the day that I looked at myself that I'm no longer a teenager but an adult. Bigger responsibility I should say. Darn I hate it. It has always been a mess when I'm doing something and I really hate commitment especially since I have joined UMNO Club in London. Yes, yes, yes very surprise indeed. Everybody back at home knows I'm more to the opposition and have strong influence with Anwar Ibrahim. Okey I admit it was a turning point when I decided to join UMNO. First of all, this UMNO Club is well above politics. We are committed as dedicated team members to take care of the welfare of the Malaysians and organising activities that is value added like recently we organised futsal tournament at Regent's Park and the upcoming event is solat hajat for the students who are having final exams soon. It's not bad at all and of course not to forget when dignitaries from Malaysia come here where we have to organise functions and events.

To make it short, last night my friends had a birthday party for me at Poppy Hana (a Japanese restaurant), Bermondsey. It was a blast. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Shakir, Alia, Anis, Linda, Arziff, Wawa, Aleq Riza, Arif, Shalini, Janani, Helmi and Anand for the party.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I don't need a parachute

i was browsing to my pictures and i saw these. another exactly 3 months i will be here. it's amazing and wonderful and the thought of coming back to home is quite sad. :/

dad just messaged me just now. he wants me to find out whether i can do my internship or work in london after getting my acca result.

and i still haven't settled my visa yet.

Friday, February 26, 2010

London, kau dan aku.

Syukur alhamdulliah, I managed to pass my papers. Now I'm left with my final three papers of ACCA and I hope this will be my final semester and hopefully to be an affiliate by this August when the result will come out.

The other day I messaged Din through my mobile, congratulated him for becoming an affiliate. That's the only person I know in my group who has cleared all the papers. He's a genius and full of charisma, and matured something that I see lack in myself.

Then he replied and my other friends who congratulated me through sms. Normally I just delete it but something hit on me, I guess at least I would save these messages as a reminder and encouragement.

Din: Salam. Hey wussup man. Long time no see. How's life in London. Hopefully smua slamat accomodation, classes n stuff. Alhamdulillah thanks. Kinda owe it to u guys lagi pun for making my life in sunway an enjoyable experience. Study group, futsal lepak teh tarik n stuff. So thanks man. DGIR? (DGIR stands for director general of inland reveneu ). That will have to wait. Parents x kasi. :( huhu. Just got an offer at kpmg audit financial services. X minat sgt audit banks. But what the hey beggars cantbe choosers. huhu. Start Next week. Hvnt really prepared for working lifehonestly. Dok melepak je. huhu. Nyway heard u passed both P1 n P2. Awesome. Congratulations man. :) so what's next. Finish all 3? Which optional papers ure taking. If you ask me, spread the risk. Ure still in the running for a straight pass. Play ur cards right. Kasi 1 paper plus obu then 2 paper or 2 then 1 + obu. So by december both acca n obu settle pluss less pressure n get 2 go travelling more. Enjoy. huhu. But if money or time is an issue then different story pun. Papepun all the best man. Make us proud. X ramai budak melayu straight passer. huhu.

It was 3 pages long.

Nadiah: Rashaad! nadiah here. congrats 4 ur results taw! btw i failed 2 papers f8 and 9. sory if u cl didnt get me i went out xbwk hp. u tc k kt sne. study hard! mis u!

Sheetal: Hey rashaad ,,, how r u? tried finding u on fb but ur profile is missing. i heard u passed! congrats rashaad! :-D

The best part when I called my mum in the morning. It was 5.30 am here and Malaysia was 1.30pm. That's the other story.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Maybe this will be my very last post

i'm not sure whether i'm able to pen my thoughts for the moment. only pictures can describe my feelings now. chewah. anyway i'm doing just fine. i haven't settled down yet. to sum up things, staying in london is the best moment in my life and i'll treasure every moment here. friends here are cool and awesome, i made many new friends just within 2 weeks. i can easily get halal food. but the best part of all, i finally got the freedom ... freedom that i yearned for.
darn, i really missed my friends in malaysia :/

oh yeah before i forgot, here's some of the lists that i wanted to fulfill for this year 2010:
i) start playing football
ii) participating in english drama class
iii) pass all acca papers in one shot
iv) start applying jobs this february or maybe internship at pricewaterhousecoopers, kpmg, deloitte, E&Y, and petronas
v) practising guitar
and last but not least ... gain weight.