Saturday, June 20, 2009

Papa was a rolling stone, mama developed a habit

Today, at 4.30pm mummy was crying. I could see the disappointment in her face, like glass shattered on the floor or maybe worse than that. Her flight to Frankfurt is due tonight at 11.50pm but daddy just realised her passport expired on May 26th 2009 just now. JUST NOW! Today is June 20th 2009.

Dad and I went to Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia at PKNS just now to check out whether it was open but we knew already it was closed, heck just to try our luck. For crying out loud, it's Saturday. The thought of using Kiosk to renew the passport came out before that, we thought we could renew it within minutes. But still closed.

I called my friend, Fahim Ogy since his father is working with MAS. The idea was ridiculous; I switched plane with my mum that means I will board the plane tonight and mum will buy another ticket on Monday and catch up with her on Tuesday at Muenster Airport.

"Mane boley switch ticket." A reply from Ogy later on with corrobative support from my dad.

We can cancel or postpone the ticket but since it's through a third party, too much hassle.

Yeah I know already the outcome of it but just trying out my luck. Well, at least Ross switched the flight with Rachel in FRIENDS but why can't we do the same? Heck, I hate this policy.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Finally I get my hand over Twilight book at MPH just now. Guess what, I haven't seen the movie either and all the hype about this blockbuster movie makes me wonder. I thought of buying the whole set; New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn but I guess I go about this one first.

A friend of mine, a guy, reads this so I guess at least there's a representative from the other sex side who gave a good review about it. Yeah, sure why not.

Is the book much better than the movie? Well definitely maybe.

Thank you mum and Stephenie Meyer.


Sejarah Bola Sepak

IS HE REALLY WORTH £80 MILLION? Apparently, Real Madrid ardently thinks so and brandished the RM462 million offer to Manchester United, which found it hard to refuse. The English club permitted Real to talk terms with Ronaldo but a final decision won't be forthcoming until June 30.

Semalam Dalam Sejarah

SOALAN :Permainan bola sepak adalah sukan paling popular di dunia. Kenapa didalam permainan bola sepak memerlukan 45minit setiap separuh perlawanan? Kenapa tidak 30 min atau 1 jam?

JAWAPAN :Didalam satu pasukan mempunyai 11 pemain, setiap pemain ada tugas masing-masing. Tugas yang dipikul amat berat. Berdasarkan pada soalan diatas, dalam setiap separuh perlawanan telah ditetap kan 45min. Mengikut kajian sainstifik, ia berdasarkan pada maklumat berikut :-

- Setiap Pasukan mempunyai 11 pemain, didalam satu perlawanan bola sepak, terdapat 2 pasukan bertanding,

-Dua pasukan bermaksud 22 pemain.

- Setiap pemain membawa bersama mereka 2 biji bola kecil, bermaksud 44 biji bola kecil kalau dicampur 2 pasukan tadi.

-satu biji bola lagi ada ditengah-tegah padang.

-jadi kesemuanya 45 biji bola yg ada didalam separuh sesi perlawanan.

-45 biji bola = 45 min

2 min masa tambahan kita ambil bola yang dibawa oleh Pengadil


Jika kita nk tambah masa perlawanan, kita kena lah tambah pemainnya sekali. Baru Seimbang

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Please lah, please lah!

I just started my exams. Frankly speaking, I think it was hard. Really hard. I don't know whether I can pass or not. F8 audit and F9 financial management both are on the border line. 50-50. First it was audit. Well the spot questions did not come out exactly. I almost thought that I had it in my hand, then when I opened the questions paper, to my disappointment, the first question, the same topic repeated again from December 2008 sittings, which many of us could have just ignore. Thought that it had been tested so it would not be the same again. Overall, it was average but also quite hard possibility of passing still there Insyaallah.

The second day went on with a drag, it was the best effort it could be possibly be, short notes every here and there, I think I was more prepared in F9 than F8. So I entered the exam hall with a better feeling that this exam, F9 will be much better than F8. It started like heaven I tell you, the first question I did okay. Weighted average cost of capital, Capital structure, Modigliani and Miller Model. Then I opened the second question. I thought hey biar betol this is ACCA exam question? NPV, IRR, Payback maybe part a) was little bit hard.

And the third question, to my horror it was the toughest one, 25 marks, I tried to do, I tried again, then I stopped for awhile. I was stonning there for awhile, the paper was there, waiting to be written. But it was hopeless. I skipped. Then, the final question 25 marks. Bapak susah! Half and hour before exam finished, I thought I had better do something, at least write something. I was loosing the hope already thinking for sure I am going to fail this paper. I skipped all the calculations and attempted the theory parts. Betol salah tak tau lah.

I really hope I passed these papers. All papers. Please lah, please lah!